Monday, September 29, 2014

Bellevue Republican Breakfast Club

7745 HWY 70 SOUTH

Saturday, October 4th
8:00 am - Breakfast (Dutch)

Guest Speaker(s):
Dr. John Avery Emison, Ph.D., Vote No on 2
Sterlina Brady, candidate for state Senate, 

Q and A after the presentations.

Betty Hood, Chairman

Poll Workers Needed

The Davidson County Election Commission needs poll workers for the State General Election on November 4th.

Poll officials will be paid $130 per day and $15 per training session.  Training sessions are offered on days, nights and Saturdays.

You may fill out an online application by visiting and clicking on the "Poll Official" information.

Requirements - Poll officials must be:

  1.   Available on Election Day.
  2.   Registered to vote in Davidson County.
  3.   A Davidson County resident.
  4.   At least 17 years old.
  5.   Willing to attend training sessions.
For more information, please visit the Davidson County Election Commission website ( or call (615) 862-4372 and ask to speak with one of the poll worker coordinators.   

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

1st Annual Charity Softball Event for Heroes

1st Annual Charity Softball Event for Heroes

Friday, September 26, 2014

Military Service Academy Day

Military Service Academy Day

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Donelson-Hermitage-Old Hickory Conservative Breakfast Club

546 Donelson Pike
Donelson, TN  37214 

Saturday, September 27th
8:30 am - Individual Treat - Breakfast & Social
9:00 am - 10:15 am Meeting

Guest Speaker(s):
Greg Grisham, Vote Yes on 2, and John Avery Emison, Ph.D., Vote No on 2 speaking on the second proposed Tennessee constitution change on this November's ballot

Jim Garrett, Chairman

Help Bob Ries Defeat Jim Cooper

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Flippant Stray Thoughts for Wednesday, 9/17/2014...

By Paul Jensen
Family Dollar to Dollar General: Leave us to hell alone... 

The Sounds might drop the Milwaukee Brewers as their major league affiliate. As a Wisconsin native, I'd hate to see that. But the Oakland A's, one of the teams being considered, could probably supply better players...

Got to sell tickets in the new ballpark... 

A new Westin hotel in SoBro will have 452 rooms...

Nashville has supposedly missed out on 16 conventions due to a lack of hotel rooms... 

Does the tourist development folks include the Hallmark Inn on Trinity Lane when they count hotel rooms?... For out-of-towners, the cops shut down the Hallmark Inn due to excessive prostitution and drug activity... 

Sounds like a convention hotel to me... 

A motel on Trinity Lane with excessive prostitution and drug activity? No freaking way... 

The first time I stayed here while traveling through, I stayed at a place on Trinity Lane. What the hell did I know? Adventure doesn't begin to describe that experience... 

FedEx is looking to build a new hub in Mt. Juliet... 

Metro is giving $1 Extra Large to that trashy TV show... 

Meanwhile, tax-paying citizens risk life and limb every time they want to take a walk or ride a bike... 

Karl Dean's so-called emphasis on health and fitness is another fabricated piece of crap... 

Derek Mason's apparent indecision on who should be Vandy's quarterback is not endearing him to the 'Dore Nation... 

With uncertainty in the healthcare world, anesthesiologists are concerned about how they will be paid in the future. If handing out hamburgers is worth $15 an hour as some contend, some of the highest paying jobs in the hospital may be in the cafeteria... 

Yeah, I was in the basement for awhile. So what?... 

Maybe I'll go back... 

'Til next time (whenever that will be), see ya...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Academy Day

Academy Day

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tennessee Bi-Partisan Prayer Dinner

Tennessee Bi-Partisan Prayer Dinner

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